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Spotlight on… Watercolour Workshops

If you’ve been in store lately and enquired about our Watercolour Workshops, you may have noticed the look of excitement in our eyes at the mere mention.
This is because after 5 months of hosting some fabulous workshoppers with the very talented Elizabeth Sullivan, we sincerely enjoy this workshop in particular.

Our collaboration with Elizabeth Sullivan began when we were introduced by a mutual friend who knew about our plans to start Find + Form and she thought that Elizabeth’s art might work well in our store. And so the conversations began…….

After a few chats and emails Elizabeth kindly invited us to her light filled studio. We were blown away by the work Elizabeth creates, so much so that we broached the question of whether she would consider collaborating with us on one of our creative workshop ideas. Lucky for us she said yes, and the Introduction to Watercolour workshops hosted by Find + Form were born.

One of the beautiful aspects of Elizabeth’s workshops is that you don’t have to have any experience and you won’t be expected to labour over your work until you create an exact rendition of a still life. Rather, you’ll be encouraged to unlock your creativity as you build layers of your abstract piece. Elizabeth’s warm personality shines through as she walks you through a number or watercolour techniques and after a few practice brush strokes you’ll be raring to go.

Elizabeth’s creativity and passion for colour, pattern and texture shines through in her work. Elizabeth uses many mediums in her work. From watercolour to acrylic through to embellishing her work with stitching, she has used a variety of techniques and processes that results in her own unique style and artistic language.

Drawing inspiration from the world around us Elizabeth’s work is influenced by her travels, a love of pattern, flora and fauna, the sea and the mountains. Her artworks endeavour to engage a sensory reaction by telling a story through layers of paint and mixed media, adding texture and tactility. She generously imparts her passion, skill and knowledge in the workshops that she hosts. We are confident that after a few hours in one of Elizabeth’s workshops you’ll feel more relaxed and connected to your creative self.

We love following Elizabeth’s journey on social media. She is a prolific artist who gives us a daily dose of colourful creativity in our feed. So, If you don’t already follow her on Instagram, check her out @elizabethsullivanart and if you feel inspired to join us for one of her workshops you can click here to learn more…