Windowsill Planter Refill Kit

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Windowsill Planter Refill Kit

Need to refill your Urban Greens Micro Herbs Windowsill Box and get your next batch of micro herbs growing?

Stock up on seeds and soil with these refill packs.

Windowsill Planter Refill Kit includes:

  • Organic coir propagation mix – enough for the windowsill box
  • Seeds to cover your windowsill box – 3 microherb varieties – Basil, Parsley and Chive seeds
  • Growing instructions and “hot tips”

Micro herbs are tiny delicate greens that are big on nutrition and flavour. They are the perfect crop for the urban gardener who is limited to tiny spaces or a windowsill. Stay up with the latest fine dining restaurant or specialty food store and grow your own.

UrbanGreens is about gifting something that is purposeful, sustainable and gratifying.
Gift it, grow it and enjoy the results.


Empty the coir mix into a large bowl. Add 325ml of warm water and leave to rehydrate. When all the water is absorbed, mix the coir so it is moist throughout. Transfer to the windowsill box.

Sprinkle seeds evenly across the coir. Gently press the seeds down into the moist coir.

Place the bamboo lid back on top to cover the seeds and position out of direct sunlight.

Keep moist but not wet by misting daily.

When shoots start to appear, remove the lid (place lid on the bottom as a drip tray) & move the box to a bright position with indirect sunlight.