Vegan Candle Refill Kit – Gingerbread Man


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This Vegan Candle Refill kit by Generics allows you to perfectly refill the 400 gm white glass vessel of the original candle. Or a vessel of you choice.

With a generous 80hr burn time, these DIY candles are scented with a beautiful fragrance within the soy wax, resulting in a robust, full strength aroma, filling even a large room. Burn from 1-4 hours for best results. Stimulate your space with these sustainable, phthalate-free soy candles.

Fragrance entitled Gingerbread Man

Spicy, savoury – ginger root, buttery undertones

100% vegan & kosher certified
80 hours burn time
Non-Gmo Natural Soy Wax
Phthalate Free, Paraben Free, and Nitro-Musk Free
Triple Fragranced With Non-Toxic Rifm & Ifra Approved Oils
Refil kits contains everything you need to make a candle in the vessel of your choice.

How great is that, you can refill your candles at home all by yourself! And trust us it is as easy as 123 with these well designed refill kits. Even if you have never made a candle in you life before, you’ll find it  easy. Just follow the detailed instructions provided with the kit and hey presto……you’ve done it!