Stone Arc Salad Bowl

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This Stone Arc Salad Bowl is part of a collection influenced by Parisian bridges. The maker, Kaz Morton, fell in love with the simplicity of the arch, which has been associated with leaving the old behind and starting afresh, which is what Kaz does with each collection. Along with other symbols she plays with the idea of telling little stories in her pieces, like a type ceramic iconography. The eye, arch, line and circle are all symbols with meanings that transcend a simple line and we hope you enjoy the play with these on Kaz Morton’s pieces.

Approximate Dimensions:

This range of Kaz Morton Ceramics was designed and hand made in Melbourne with Find + Form’s season colours in mind. Each piece is hand formed or cast using traditional techniques.

The slip is colored in the liquid stage, this means that the colour is uniform throughout as opposed to only on the surface of each piece. Most of the pieces are only glazed on the interior surface thus maintaining the tactile nature of the unglazed clay body on the outside.

Since each piece is individually made variations in size and colour are normal and part of the handmade nature of each Kaz piece.

Kaz has been featured in Vogue, The Melbourne Herald Sun, The Age, The Design Files, Interiors Addict, Home Beautiful, Real Living, Inside Out, House and Garden and nearly every month adorns the pages of Gourmet Traveller.