Sculptural Marble Stud Earrings


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The Sculptural Marble Stud Earrings by Erin Lightfoot are subtle and simple. These studs are a classic staple piece with a unique sculptural, layered effect.

Hand-cut from a hand-marbled slab which is mixed from clean white, cloud-grey and subtly-striped black porcelain.
Finished with gold lustre and sterling silver hooks.
Perfect as a small gift or for an everyday go-to earring.
Gift boxed

Handmade in Erin Lightfoot’s Brisbane studio.

Working with porcelain, Erin creates simple forms which are thoughtfully decorated with subtly-hued colour schemes.

Believing that objects should be both useful and beautiful, she places much value on design, selection of materials and the quality of craftsmanship through which everything comes together.

If you’re buying these earrings as a gift, don’t forget we have loads of stylish cards and wrapping paper to choose from!