Hand Blown Glass Citrus Juicer – Ruby


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This elegant hand blown glass citrus juicer makes light work of your citrus. It is the promise of design excellence and the living experience of modern art. This is a classic yet innovative design. Blending elegant form with true function. Made using traditional hand blown hot glass techniques in Melbourne Australia.
This stunningly beautiful product is the antithesis of the disposable world. This carefully hand crafted object shows how we can live with quality and elegance in our everyday. Something to be treasured and used for a long time to come. Pair with the Glass Carafe and Glass Tumblers.

Size: 200mm dia and a good juicing height to make light work of your citrus.
Colour: Ruby
Care: Wash in warm soapy water, rinse and dry.
Don’t put these treasures in the dishwasher!
Also available in Aqua