EST. in 2007 by Product Designer Lisa Chau, GENERICS began its journey, initially as an urban accessories brand, catering for up to the minute trends on a budget.

After a health scare in her late 20’s Lisa saw herself re-evaluating her work life balance in order to cope with some life changes.

“I needed a major life detox. I picked up yoga in order to cope, cut out coffee and quit using a lot of commercial soaps and detergents because they made my skin break out in hives. As an alternative, I began making my own aromatherapy oils, mixing natural body oils to wear and poured some soy candles to burn.

The lifestyle shift certainly changed the way I felt for the better. When I got back on track,

I was just inspired to share it, so when I got the go ahead for the first store, I re-launched GENERICS to incorporate style, clean beauty and sustainable wellness lifestyle.”

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