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Gift Giving Dilemmas

Mindful Gifting this Festive Season

Like the vast majority of people I know, giving a well chosen gift to a loved one is a joyful thing to do. But, as the festive season gathers pace and we are bombarded with so many ads about all things shopping and spending, it can feel like there’s pressure to buy things just for the sake of it. There are so many massive companies with marketing budgets to match who are doing their best to get us to part with our cash without a second thought. However, many of the people I talk to about this pressure to spend spend spend are actively trying to move away from mindless consumerism. Personally I think that’s a great thing…..

Now I’m not necessarily suggesting that we forgo gift giving altogether (well I would say that right?!?!) I’m just advocating a more mindful approach to gifting.  We’ve noticed that our customers like to be more informed about where their products come from and how they are made. Here at Find + Form we are huge fans of that approach to shopping and gifting at all times of the year.  We know the names of the makers and designers of all our products. We know everything we stock is made or designed by an Australian creative and we know everything we stock is made with love and care. Plus, we are pretty sure someone somewhere in Australia does a little happy dance each time one of their products finds a new home.

For us, it was important to avoid the mass produced and disposable (dare I say junk). Of course we realise that our aesthetic is not for everyone, but what we do know for sure is that everything we stock has a story, it’s made to be treasured and it was carefully chosen by us to form part of a curated collection of gifts and homewares.
If that resonates with you, but you’re not sure how to go about selecting something special for someone special, we’ve put together a few collections which might inspire you.

Of course you may want to avoid giving “stuff” altogether and perhaps you’ve decided to focus on giving experiences this year. Well, we can help with that too. We will be hosting small workshops in our Roseville store, starting with a Sew Your Own Tote Bag workshop in January. We have many other creative workshops planned for the new year too. Such as, water colour, flower arranging and jewellery making to name a few. Keep an eye on our website for new workshop dates or sign up to our newsletter to hear about what’s new in store.

We hope that the our curated collection of gifts and homewares will delight the recipients and we know for a fact that every time you come in to our shop we are delighted to see you, so pop in and say Hi any time.