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Finding + Forming

What a journey it has been so far. 

We have gone from dreaming about working for ourselves over a few glasses of wine to launching our new business Find + Form. After meeting at the school gate when our boys were in the same class we discovered that we had a fair amount in common, we both have 2 boys, we were both at the stage in life were the kids were settled in school so we had more time to focus on our own careers + we both wanted to work for ourselves. On top of all that, we were both planning renovations to our homes + through sharing design ideas + shopping for light fittings we found a shared love of making, creating, shopping + interiors. 

Oh + did I mention we are both married to blokes called Mark. (different Marks – we are NOT sister wives just for the record!)

Find and Form Lauren and Jo
Us enjoying this beautiful city we live in

It started wth a few casual chats when we talked about the fact there must be something we could do that would feed our creativity but also (hopefully) generate an income. As the chats became more frequent they also became more serious, we formed a few ideas, rolled them around + found the concept. 

Find + Form – A place where you can find beautiful Australian designed + formed products to fill your home. A place where you can find new creative skills and form something with your own hand.

After a few months of plotting and planning we told a few trusted friends + family members about our idea + most seemed to say go for it, or words to that effect. So we did go for it.  We started to source beautiful (in our opinion anyway) products made by talented Australian designers + makers. We started to come up with workshop ideas + even trialed a few workshops with some brave friends. We started to think about marketing, business plans, cash flow projections, and a million other things too. 

We have loved the process so far + I wont lie, its been a steep learning curve. No doubt  we will continue to learn along the way and we’d love to have you with us. So if you are looking for a creative outlet, if you want to learn a new skill, if you love discovering unique things for your home or to give as gifts or if you are a creative who wants to share your products or skills with other like minded people…..please come along for the ride.

Jo and Lauren

Find + Form